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Is Customer Service for you?

Strong customer service will identify which companies are successful and which are not, it's essential that companies develop lasting relationships with their customers.

So it's very important that business' go out of their way to meet the needs of their clients.

Our customer service apprenticeships give you the necessary skills and experience to do just that.

What will Customer Service Involve?

Some of the topics you will cover in the workplace include:

  • Promote additional services or products to customers.
  • Process customer service information.
  • Recognise and deal with customer queries, requests and problems.
  • Resolve customer service problems.
  • Support customer service improvements.


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Matthew Ayre together with Kevin Giles

Springfield Suzuki, Gateshead

Matthew Ayre together with Kevin Giles

Matthew Ayre together with Kevin Giles Senior Training Officer with Milltech.